If you’re one of those people who thinks that even just the term ‘investment portfolio’ is daunting, imagine the difficulty of managing the finances of more than 40 properties. The key to getting it right is to keep everything as simple as possible.

For a serious property investor, simplicity is key. Triple M Finance can help detangle a complicated property portfolio so our client could reap rewards.

John Smith (not real name) was a serious property investor with a portfolio of more than 40 residential properties.  “He was looking for a credit adviser (mortgage broker) who could proactively assist him to achieve his future property goals by ensuring the availability and flexibility of finance options every step of the way.

The finance structure was very complicated with a lot of cross-collateralisation. It was so complicated that John did not even completely understand the structure that was in place.

Triple M Finance set about simplifying John ’s portfolio.

We removed all cross-collateralisation and stripped the portfolio right back to determine which debt was linked to which property.

This delivered three main benefits:

• it made the finance structure easier for the client to understand and manage;
• it increased flexibility to access equity in the properties that had grown in value; and
• it meant that John was able to easily identify the available equity to help him grow his portfolio further.

In simplifying the structure we explored all lender options to ensure that the client was left with a very competitive product that would give him the perfect mix of security and flexibility.

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